The essential parts in luthier Lineu Bravo’s career: famous clients

Lineu Bravo describes some famous clients’ peculiarities.

Luthier Lineu Bravo has a unique way of working. He can, on his own way, understand the vibration of the wood intuitively, and that’s his main tool.

Lineu explains that the search for distinctive clients is very important to obtain a great outcome at his detailed work: “As time goes by, I carried on looking for demanding musicians, so my work always keeps evolving. It is very interesting how expectations and needs from different musicians can change according to the music style. This fact leads me to make extremely high quality instruments.”

Lineu Bravo luthier at his workshop, in Taubaté /Picture: Pedro Ivo Prates

Lineu Bravo luthier at his workshop, in Taubaté /Picture: Pedro Ivo Prates

We can understand, that way, that art can emerge from the perfect mix of all involved items: instrument construction, musician and music, audience.

Learn more about some Lineu Bravo’s clients, who have always been essential for the construction of his career.



Talented Guinga is one of the greatest Brazilian songwriter of all time, respected by all Brazilian musicians: he plays the guitar, composes and sings. “Guinga is brilliant”, compliments luthier Lineu Bravo.

João Lyra


The musician was born in Brazil’s northeast and he knows all about all kinds of music. Lineu believes that his music is rich and great just because he has never abandoned his roots: “He knows all about universal music but he never left his roots behind.”

Chico Buarque


This Lineu Bravo’s client needs no introduction. The luthier explains his great honor: “The guitar is his partner. He composes to the guitar and I consider a great honor the fact that he plays a guitar made by me”.

Marcus Tardelli

marcus tardelli_fig_maior

Marcus is a guitar soloist that has reinvented the instrument. He has created a new way of playing it. Lineu Bravo explains it: “When the guitar is at his hands it turns into another instrument.”

Marco Pereira


Known worldwide, he is one of the greatest international Brazilian guitar references. Lineu says that he can play a lot of music styles very well: “He can be popular and erudite at the same time with considerable domain.”

 Rogério Caetano


He represents the Choro and he can play all the music genres: “Today, he is one of the most requested Brazilian musicians.”

Hamilton de Holanda


Hamilton plays the mandolin and he has created a new instrument: the 10-string mandolin. He also plays other instruments such as the tenor guitar, just like the one Lineu has made for him. Nowadays, Hamilton plays all music genres.

Mauricio Carrilho and Luciana Rabello

foto jornal o globo

They have been music partners for a long time: Mauricio playing a 7-string guitar and Luciana the cavaco. Both of them have Lineu Bravo instruments. They own a record label named Acari and also a music school. “A lot of people have studied there, so they help to keep the Choro alive in Brazil”, says Lineu.

João Bosco


João Bosco is one of the Brazilian Popular Music’s great names. He is reference not only as a singer and composer but also because of his peculiar way to play the guitar: “He has a unique way to play the guitar and he is very respected by all the musicians. He is a great composer and musician.”

Alessandro Penezzi


Talented and creative musician: “He is virtuous and creative with a great sensitivity. He uses the guitar in an impossible way to use it.”, says the luthier.

 Fernando César


Careful and drafted musician, he is also a teacher in Brasília, teaching beginner musicians. “He is a great teacher, supports a lot of people. That’s why he is one of the great Brazilian Music promoters.”

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About Lineu Bravo

Lineu Bravo is an autodidact luthier and fond of good music. From an early age he developed intimacy with wood at his father workshop. He built his first instrument when he was 14. Since then, his guitars, ‘cavacos’, mandolins and ‘violas’ have been purchased by respected musicians. Guinga, Marcus Tardelli, Marco Pereira, João Bosco, Yamandú Costa, Chico Buarque, Ulisses Rocha, Hamilton de Holanda, Ângela Muner, Rogério Caetano, Maurício Carrilho, Luciana Rabello, João Lyra, Maurício Marques, Edson Lopes, Alessandro Penezzi, Juarez Moreira, Fernando César, Jayme Vignoli, Flávio Apro, Giacomo Bartoloni, Swami Jr, Rosa Passos, Ana Carolina, Zé Paulo Becker, and Douglas Lora are some of them.

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The musician Swami Antunes de Campos Jr, aka Swami Jr, has been in love with music since he was a Young boy. It couldn’t have been different, once he was brought up in the music scene. His great-grandfather played the piano, accordion and mandolin and his father plays the guitar and is a singer. Swami was a music teacher, teaching guitar, bass and arrangement lessons, but nowadays he has no time for classes because of the tours and recordings.

The talented artist plays 7-string guitar and electric bass and he adopts as his style the popular tradition of Brazilian guitar, mixed with jazz, erudite, African and Cuban music elements.

He composes since he was 12, and many Brazilian artists have recorded his songs, such as: Zizi Possi, Virgínia Rosa, Vânia Bastos, José Miguel Wisnik, Luís Felipe Gama and Ana Luiza.

Swami has already recorded in partnership with many important Brazilian musicians such as: Marco PereiraChico Pinheiro, Luciana Souza and Chico César. Besides, he has been on the road worldwide with a very famous Cuban singer, Omara Portuondo, for 7 years, as her music director and guitarist. Swami Jr has a 30-year brilliant career.

Lineu Bravo guitar

In 2011, Swami Jr got to know the Lineu Bravo Luthier’s work and, shortly after, he ordered his guitar, a 7-string nylon guitar with Canadian Cedro top, Indian Jacarandá back and Ébano elevated fingerboard.

Swami Jr and his Lineu Bravo guitar

Swami Jr and his Lineu Bravo guitar

About his guitar, the musician says: “The instrument is wonderful! Each day I like it even more.”

Source: Músicos do Brasil

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