Paula Borghi and Mauricio Carrilho, Lineu Bravo’s clients, play together and impress

Video recently published by Paula Borghi overwhelmed the luthier Lineu Bravo

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The luthier Lineu Bravo was really touched by seeing two clients playing together on a video that has recently been published on Facebook. The musicians Paula Borghi, who has a 6-string guitar made by the luthier, and Maurício Carrilho, who played in the video a 7-string Lineu Bravo guitar with Canadian cedar top, made in 2006. The song was named “Desnorteada”, composed by Mauricio.


About Paula Borghi

Paula was born in Santo Andre, in São Paulo, and when she was 9 years old she started studying music at Tatuí Conservatorium.

She also has a degree in music and has achieved the first place in many important guitar contests.

In 2013, she released an álbum named “Café da Dona Chica” with the group água de Vintém. Also in 2013, she released an álbum in partnership with Mauricio Carrilho.

She plays in partnership with important Brazilian musicians such as Maurício Carrilho, Cristóvão Bastos, Alessandro Penezzi, Nailor Proveta, Pedro Amorim, Toninho Carrasqueira, Aquiles Morais, Ronaldo do Bandolim, Antônio Rocha, Luciana Rabelo, Toninho Ferragutti, Paulo Sérgio Santos. Nowadays she teaches music lessons.


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About Mauricio Carrilho

 Mauricio Carrilho, who was born in Rio de Janeiro, is a musician, producer, and a popular Brazilian song researcher. He is also a Lineu Bravo’s client.

He started his career in 1977, taking part of many musical groups such as “Carioquinhas” and “O Trio”.

In the late 90’s, Mauricio established a record label with Luciana Rabello, the “Acarei Records”, where he has been doing a great research about Choro.

The musician also develops a great work on education, travelling around Brazil, attending workshops based on Choro (the first popular Brazilian music genre).

Mauricio Carrilho and his Lineu Bravo guitar

Mauricio got a Lineu Bravo guitar in 2006, a 7-string guitar with Canadian cedro top.At the time, he gave his instrument to an Australian friend, the musician Doug De Vries, who played the guitar and felt in love with it, but he could not wait his own to be ready.  Mauricio says he did it because he was sure he would receive an instrument as good as the one he had.

So, Lineu Bravo made a second guitar for him, just like the another one.

Mauricio gave a testimonial about Lineu Bravo’s guitar:

“In my opinion, Lineu Bravo is the best Brazilian Luthier. I think that’s because he has a rare skill with wood, a simple and flawless finishing, a regularity in the results that made me deliver it to a foreign friend (Douglas de Vries), who couldn’t wait his guitar to be ready, my own guitar. I did that peacefully because I was sure that I would receive from Lineu another instrument so good as that one that I used to have. Besides all that, Lineu is the first high level Brazilian luthier who has a musical education completely connected to ‘Choro’. He is a great mandolin and ‘cavaquinho’ soloist, although a little bit out of practice due to the big amount of orders, which conveys all his success. He knows the timbre characteristics and playability that an instrument should have in order to help the musician to have a good performance. So, his guitars, ‘cavaquinhos’ and mandolins have the perfect tuning, volume, projection, they are comfortable and have a big stability, even when subjected to extreme conditions of temperature and humidity. Anyway, Lineu Bravo is the biggest example of the great progress that Brazilian lutheria has reached over the last years, thanks to a lot of masters work. And it is not easy to be the best among so many competent people.”


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About Lineu Bravo

Lineu Bravo is an autodidact luthier and fond of good music. From an early age he developed intimacy with wood at his father workshop. He built his first instrument when he was 14. Since then, his guitars, ‘cavacos’, mandolins and ‘violas’ have been purchased by respected musicians. Guinga, Marcus Tardelli, Zélia Duncan, Marco Pereira, João Bosco, Yamandú Costa, Chico Buarque, Ulisses Rocha, Hamilton de Holanda, Ângela Muner, Rogério Caetano, Maurício Carrilho, Luciana Rabello, João Lyra, Maurício Marques, Edson Lopes, Alessandro Penezzi, Juarez Moreira, Fernando César, Jayme Vignoli, Flávio Apro, Giacomo Bartoloni, Swami Jr, Rosa Passos, Ana Carolina, Zé Paulo Becker, and Douglas Lora are some of them.