The musician Swami Antunes de Campos Jr, aka Swami Jr, has been in love with music since he was a Young boy. It couldn’t have been different, once he was brought up in the music scene. His great-grandfather played the piano, accordion and mandolin and his father plays the guitar and is a singer. Swami was a music teacher, teaching guitar, bass and arrangement lessons, but nowadays he has no time for classes because of the tours and recordings.

The talented artist plays 7-string guitar and electric bass and he adopts as his style the popular tradition of Brazilian guitar, mixed with jazz, erudite, African and Cuban music elements.

He composes since he was 12, and many Brazilian artists have recorded his songs, such as: Zizi Possi, Virgínia Rosa, Vânia Bastos, José Miguel Wisnik, Luís Felipe Gama and Ana Luiza.

Swami has already recorded in partnership with many important Brazilian musicians such as: Marco PereiraChico Pinheiro, Luciana Souza and Chico César. Besides, he has been on the road worldwide with a very famous Cuban singer, Omara Portuondo, for 7 years, as her music director and guitarist. Swami Jr has a 30-year brilliant career.

Lineu Bravo guitar

In 2011, Swami Jr got to know the Lineu Bravo Luthier’s work and, shortly after, he ordered his guitar, a 7-string nylon guitar with Canadian Cedro top, Indian Jacarandá back and Ébano elevated fingerboard.

Swami Jr and his Lineu Bravo guitar

Swami Jr and his Lineu Bravo guitar

About his guitar, the musician says: “The instrument is wonderful! Each day I like it even more.”

Source: Músicos do Brasil

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"I have a great esteem for Lineu Bravo’s Guitar”


Chico Buarque got to know Lineu Bravo’s guitar through composer Guinga, who is also Lineu’s client. Guinga, in a meeting with friends, commented on the guitar he had just purchased and showed it to Chico, who got immediately interested.

Guinga was the mediator of this partnership, and, in 2006, delivered the guitar to Chico Buarque.

As for the purchase, Chico has left his testimonial: “I have a great esteem for Lineu Bravo’s guitar. Apart from its everlasting beauty, it is a composer itself.”

The guitar is in the video clip “Ela Faz Cinema”:

Chico Buarque biography

Francisco Buarque de Holanda, great Brazilian musician, composer and playwright, better known as Chico Buarque de Holanda, was born in Rio de Janeiro, 1944.

Son of the historian Sérgio Buarque de Holanda and the pianist Maria Amélia Cesário Alvim, made his public debut as musician and composer when he won the First Popular Brazilian Song Festival, with the music “A Banda”, performed by Nara Leão. After that, he gained the respect of the public and specialized critics. During his career, he made important partnerships with famous Brazilian composers and singers, such as: Vinícius de Moraes, Tom Jobim, Toquinho, Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso, etc. Chico has three daughters: Silvia, Helena e Luíza. As a writer, he has published many prominent books. His last novels are: “Budapeste” (2003), “Leite Derramado” (2009) and “O Irmão Alemão” (2014).

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