Marcus Tardelli, guitar soloist and Lineu Bravo’s client, who has received an instrument made by the luthier as gift, tells everything about it

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Marcus Tardelli, who is from Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, is a soloist guitar and autodidact. His influences come much more from music than the guitar itself.

The musician has reinvented the guitar by creating a new way of playing it. Lineu Bravo explains this gift of his talented client: “When the guitar is in his hands it turns into another instrument.”

The composer, guitarist and also Lineu Bravo’s client, Guinga, refers to Marcus as the biggest violonist in Brazil: “He is a revolutionist of the guitar technique, a genius, he invented a new technique for the guitar. He is the only person who can perform it. In one of the moves of this technique, he uses the left thumb (it isn´t often used to play the guitar).”

The innovative technique by Marcus Tardelii

Before learning how to play the guitar, when he was 7 years old, Marcus Tardelli had already had a deep connection with the music. “I used to listen to a lot of albums from an early age, I already had a lot of sounds in my head and the guitar emerged as a tool to express these ideas. I’ve always preferred music rather than guitar because I used to feel comfortable with it. I have naturally developed new techniques to express the sounds that I have been thinking of, such as the use of the thumb to play the guitar.”, says the violonist, Lineu Bravo’s client.

Tardelli explains that the guitar was the track and the target was the music. So, his technique emerged as a necessity to achieve the music he had already imagined, since the traditional technique could not do that.

Marcus Tardelli has left a testimonial to a Youtube Channel named “Violão Ibérico” talking about his technique, check it out:

The album called “Unha e Carne” and Lineu Bravo guitar

The solo album named “Unha e Carne” was recorded with Guinga compositions and Tardelli made all the arrangements with his unique way to play the instrument. He recorded this album playing Guinga’s favorite guitar, made by the luthier Lineu Bravo.

Tardelli talks about it: “Before I started recording the album I had been testing some guitars at the studio. At that time, apart from the guitars I had, I also took a Lineu Bravo guitar, one that Guinga had just received. He was delighted by the instrument and he told me that it was one of the best guitars he had ever played. So, he suggested that I tested the guitar at the studio. I did it and the guitar matched so well with the playlist that I ended up using it in almost all the tracks”.

“Almost at the end of the album, Guinga gave me two gifts: a music made in my honor that represented the affinity between us. The second one was the guitar made by Lineu that I had played to record the album. He said: After listening to you playing this instrument, I can say that it no longer belongs to me.”

Marcus Tardelli Testimonial about his Lineu Bravo guitar

“Few times I saw so many virtues in a guitar: perfect balance between timbres, powerful volume, a comfortable fretboard and a beautiful finishing touch. It is an instrument that, doubtlessly, is not left behind by any of the great international guitars.”




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