The American movie “Schindler’s List”, from 1993, directed by Steven Spielberg, tells the history of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved millions of lives during the Holocaust. Besides the touching plot, the history has an amazing theme made by John Willians in 1994.

This version has a special meaning to the Luthier Lineu Bravo, because it is performed by his client, the Italian musician Mario Murru.

Mario Murru and Lineu Bravo Guitar

Mario Murru, who is specialized in ancient guitars, performs with instruments that are as modern as the 19th century in his solo concerts around the world.

In 2008, when he got to know the sound of a Lineu Bravo guitar, he decided to have one. He wanted a guitar that could be played with the tenderness learned in his career.

When he got his 6-string guitar, with Canadian Cedar top and Jacaranda background, he took part in a lot of important festivals around the world.

The 6-string guitar in the hands of Mario Murru

The 6-string guitar in the hands of Mario Murru

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Zé Paulo Becker, remarkable Brazilian violinist, plays Lineu Bravo’s guitars

The partnership between the luthier and the great composer, guitarist and soloist Zé Paulo Becker arose in a meeting with friends in a bar in Rio de Janeiro in 2009.

Zé Paulo Becker playing a Lineu Bravo guitar

Zé Paulo Becker playing a Lineu Bravo guitar

On the occasion, there were great names of Brazilian music: Rogerinho Caetano, Yamandú Costa, Marcello Gonçalves, Marco Pereira and Luis Flávio Alcofra. Zepa, as he is affectionately known by his friends, challenged Lineu to make a powerful guitar. Since then, three guitars have already been born especially for Zé Paulo Becker: two 6-string guitars and a 7-string one.

Zé Paulo Becker Career

The musician Zé Paulo Becker has been performing with his quartet “Semente Choro Jazz” in Lapa, a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro, since 1998. The performance, which takes place every Monday, mingles Popular Brazilian Music classics, famous choros (A Brazilian popular music instrumental style) and Becker’s compositions, who has 10 recorded albums. The samba jam with its wide set list is vibrant and welcoming. Apart from the people who are there every week, the audience goes from Brazilians and foreign tourists to musicians and artists.

As a composer, Zé Paulo Becker has made important partnerships: Paulo César Pinheiro, Aldir Blanc, Roque Ferreira, Mauro Aguiar, Edu Krieger, Moyseis Marques, Tiago Torres da Silva, Pedro Luís, etc. His songs have been recorded by Ney Matogrosso, Roberta Sá, Marcos Sacramento, Mariana Baltar, Valéria Lobão, Isabel Padovani, Paula Santoro, Nicolas Krassik and the trio “Madeira Brasil”. The musician has already played with Ney Matogrosso, João Bosco, Marco Pereira, Paulo Moura. He has recently played with Chico Buarque and Milton Nascimento for an album of a Portuguese singer named Carmino.

Album cover "Todo mundo quer amar", from Zé Paulo Becker, Marcos Sacramento and Paulo César Pinheiro

“Todo mundo quer amar” album cover

During his career, he won remarkable prizes, such as the National Contest Villa-Lobos Guitar in 1990, and, in 2009, the III Instrumental Music Festival of Guarulhos. His album with the trio “Madeira Brasil” and Roberta de Sá was the winner in the Best Brazilian Popular Music Album category at the Brazilian Music Award in 2011.

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