Sandro Albert, respected musician and composer in the competitive New York jazz scene, is Lineu Bravo’s latest client. Born in Porto Alegre (RS), Sandro moved to the USA nearly 20 years ago and although he couldn’t speak English back then, he managed to build a solid music career.

Sandro Albert com seu violão Lineu Bravo. Foto: Sandro Albert

Sandro Albert with his Lineu Bravo guitar/ Picture: Sandro Albert

When he went to the USA in 1996, he had the intention to stay for only 6 months. However, life had spared him other plans, and the musician started to play with bands he had always listened to: Earth, Wind and Fire, Gap Band, Village People, Kool and the Gang, Tower of Power, Chaka Khan e Doobie Brothers.

This Brazilian musician story is incredible since it is almost unimaginable to think that a white young Brazilian boy, who didn’t know how to speak the country’s language, would get a place in a Californian Black music band, the “War”. What happened is that the Americans were impressed by the music style that he played on the breaks, our beloved Choro.

Sandro Albert and the Lineu Bravo guitar

Sandro has built a solid career in the competitive New York jazz scene, and he is working on a new project to be launched soon: a guitar disc. Recently, he’s purchased a Lineu Bravo guitar with Canadian cedar soundboard and an Indian jacarandá back.

The musician heard about the luthier work through Elder Costa, from Minas Gerais, who is also Lineu Bravo’s client and Sandro’s friend for years. Sandro Albert was delighted with Lineu Bravo’s work and has already ordered his guitar.

The Bralizian musician lives in the USA nowadays, and, there, he spreads Brazilian music, now playing Lineu Bravo guitar.


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