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Video recently published by Max overwhelmed luthier Lineu Bravo


The musician Maximillian Rudd, Lineu Bravo’s Australian client, studies Brazilian music and he is graduated at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Max liked his 7-string guitar that was made for him so much that he decided to order the second one, just like the other: with Indian Jacaranda Cedar. Now, he has one for tours and another one for recordings!

About Maximillian Rudd

Brazilian seven-string guitar virtuoso and vocalist Maximillian Rudd delivers a dynamic show of original music based on his eclectic array of Brazilian, blues and roots influences.

Maximillian Rudd is a young Aussie guitarist at the forefront of an international Brazilian guitar explosion. Alongside his Brazilian seven-string guitar, Maximillian is hard at the coalface, experimenting with the unlikely fusion of Latin American, jazz, blues and roots influences.

An accomplished guitarist with formal training in classical and jazz at the prestigious Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Maximillian has extensively pursued the music of Brazil both in Australia and in South America. Maximillian’s sound is uniquely his own, arising from his eclectic musical journey, beginning the guitar at the age of seven and intensely developing his craft ever since. Maximillian’s edge resides in his undisputed instrumental ability, which has become the trademark of his live set.

Maximillian has played at some of Victoria’s premier music festivals, such as Port Fairy Folk Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival and St Kilda Festival.

Debut album Maximillian released in 2017

Playing a Brazilian seven-string guitar, Maximillian is undeniably a student of the ‘violão brasileiro,’ the great tradition of Brazilian guitar, taking his place as a burgeoning outsider amongst a lineage of Brazilian guitarists and musical innovators, from Baden Powell, to Raphael Rabello and beyond.

As an instrumentalist and occasional vocalist, Maximillian’s performance engages with seasoned ears, hinting at the ‘this and that’ of modern guitar culture, sewing it all together with the subtle creativity of an eclectic musical upbringing. The album draws together the ever-colliding worlds of the Americas, from New Orleans southward bound, rendering it a series of portraits within which listeners can glimpse the nuances of music’s global mobility in the modern era of mass media, from the personal perspective of a young Australian artist.


Maximillian Rudd and Lineu Bravo guitar

Maximillian Rudd ordered this first 7-string Lineu Bravo guitar with Indian Jacaranda in 2011. He liked it so much that, in 2018, he decided to order the second one with the same setting. Now, the musician has one for tours and another one for recordings!


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