Raphael Gimenes plays Lineu Bravo’s guitar around the world

Raphael Gimenes, Brazilian musician and luthier Lineu Bravo’s client, is currently living in Denmark, and he is also a composer, guitarist and singer.

Raphael Gimenes e seu violão Lineu Bravo em Titicaca, lago localizado no Peru

Raphael Gimenes and his Lineu Bravo guitar in Titicaca, Peru

In August, the musician is going on a tour in Japan with the instrument made by the luthier Lineu Bravo: “This guitar that Lineu made for me makes me very happy here in Europe. I am also recording new songs with it that I will probably use in my next album”, said Raphael.

Raphael Gimenes purchased his Lineu Bravo guitar in July 2017, when he went to Taubaté, city where Lineu lives.

The musician said that he was looking for a new guitar in 2014: “I was spending some time in Brazil, in Belo Horizonte, and I heard that his guitars were the best. But, at that time, it was not possible, that’s why I had to wait a little bit until 2016, when I ordered the guitar.”


The musician left a testimonial about his Lineu Bravo guitar:

“Lineu Bravo guitar is masterful, the best I’ve ever had. The sound reverberates very well and the harmonics left by every note, every chord, which are crystal clear, echo in the ears and in the heart of those who listen to it for longer than in other guitars.”

Raphael Gimenes e seu violão Lineu Bravo na Bolívia

Raphael Gimenes and his Lineu Bravo guitar in Bolivia


Rapahel Gimenes Career

 Rapahel Gimenes has been living in Scandinavia for over 10 years. His first album, “Raphael Gimenes & As Montanhas de Som”, can be found in Europe and Asia. His music mixes Brazilian folklore elements and modern chords, which take the listener to Brazil.

About Lineu Bravo

Lineu Bravo is an autodidact luthier and fond of good music. From an early age he developed intimacy with wood at his father workshop. He built his first instrument when he was 14. Since then, his guitars, ‘cavacos’, mandolins and ‘violas’ have been purchased by respected musicians. Guinga, Marcus Tardelli, Zélia Duncan, Marco Pereira, João Bosco, Yamandú Costa, Chico Buarque, Ulisses Rocha, Hamilton de Holanda, Ângela Muner, Rogério Caetano, Maurício Carrilho, Luciana Rabello, João Lyra, Maurício Marques, Edson Lopes, Alessandro Penezzi, Juarez Moreira, Fernando César, Jayme Vignoli, Flávio Apro, Giacomo Bartoloni, Swami Jr, Rosa Passos, Ana Carolina, Zé Paulo Becker, and Douglas Lora are some of them.


Learn more about associations that disseminates Brazilian music in Europe, such as Club du Choro in Paris

Choro is all over the word. This typically Brazilian music style has an association in Paris called Club du Choro. This is very important to disseminate Brazilian culture and music.

Picture: XII Festival Internacional do Reencontro do Choro em Paris, 2016/ Facebook Club du Choro de Paris

Picture: Facebook Club du Choro de Paris

The Club du Choro was created in 2011 to promote Choro in Europe. The members of the club are: president Guy Le Roux (violonist), Maria Inês Guimarães (pianist), Julien Hamard e Beatriz Gomes. Their main influences are: Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Ernesto Nazareth and Chiquinha Gonzaga.

The association offers open courses to the public. The classes are collective practices and it helps the students to develop musical technique and interpretation. It also approaches rhythmic patterns and improvisation. At the end of the courses, the students perform at concerts.

Some of the courses available

– Orchestra Workshop

The students study and play Choro in groups. The repertory is diversified and the list includes many Lineu Bravo clients, such as: Chico Buarque, João Lyra, Jayme Vignoli. The teachers: Thierry Moncheny, Jef Calmard, Maria Inês Guimarães and Wander Pio.

– Instrumental Workshops

This course offers percussion and tambourine classes, included in the universe of Brazilian rhythm, for instance: choro, maxixe, carioca samba,  maracatu,  ciranda.

– Guitar classes

The club offers 7-string and 6-string guitar classes with Thierry Moncheny as a teacher.

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

– “Cavaco”

Cavaco classes for begginers and professionals, with the teacher Jef Calmard.

Choro Groups in Paris

Besides the courses, they organize Choro performances every week. Many groups play Choro in Paris, such as:

– Bécots da Lapa

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

– Duo in Uno

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

– Maria Inês Guimarães Quartet

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

– Pingo de choro

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

Picture: Club du Choro de Paris

Source: Clud du Choro de Paris

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