I don’t think a guitar should be beautyful only, it must be elegant.

Of course it is not an objective concept, but a lot of people agree that excess of purfling and too colorful rosettes, make an exaggerated garish instrument.

A few years ago I found this rosette I’ve been using on all my guitars.

It’s German made and, even is not produced specifically for my shop, I have the exclusivity of this model in Brazil.

This rosette concentrates, in my opinion, the perfect equilibrium of beauty, elegance an sophistication.


The head is also a particular signature of the artisan. This is the head I make since 2003.

There could be variations about the wood on surface.


This is the head I make since 2003

For purfling I don’t like colors. I prefer to use ebony and brazilian pine stripes only, with rosewood on the corner.