Cláudio Jorge, musician from Rio de Janeiro and Lineu Bravo’s client, is featured in the media and collects a 35-year-long career.


The musician from Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Jorge, is a guitarist, composer, singer, arranger and producer and collects a 35-year-long career. He was featured in a Brazilian Newspaper named “GGN” to talk about his new album. He has been in the project, with 15 tracks, for a long time and it was inspired in his childhood musical memories: a lot of samba and ‘bossa nova’ with jazz influences.

The album is called “Samba jazz, de raiz” and it took 3 years to be recorded. The new project contains 15 tracks: “The melody of the songs is similar to the samba from Rio de Janeiro, but I gave it a ‘jazz treatment’. It is an album in which the songs are more important than the arrangements”.

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Cláudio Jorge and the Lineu Bravo Guitar


The luthier Lineu Bravo made him an instrument in 2013: a 6-string guitar with Canadian cedar top, Indian Jacaranda Back and ebony elevated fingerboard.

Cláudio Jorge’s career

Brazilian musician who was born in Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Jorge collects a 35- year-long career, which started when he was 20.

His compositions have been already recorded by many important Brazilian singers, such as: Emílio Santiago, Elymar Santos, Ângela Maria, Joana, Élson do Forrogode, Alaíde Costa, Zeca Pagodinho, Elza Soares, Roberto Ribeiro, Zezé Mota, Jorge Aragão, Martinho da Vila, Joel Nascimento, Sivuca, Luiz Carlos da Vila, and Arranco de Varsóvia.

He has also partnered up with important names, such as Cartola, João Nogueira, Aldir Blanc, Nei Lopes, Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, Ivan Wrigg, Ivor Lancellotti, Délcio Carvalho and Martinho da Vila. Some of his composition partners include Nei Lopes, Luiz Carlos da Vila, Ivan Wrigg, Délcio Carvalho, Cartola, Ivor Lancellotte, Ivan Lins, Elton Medeiros, Martinho da Vila, Mauro Diniz, João Nogueira, Wilson das Neves, Sidney Miller, Arlindo Cruz and Manuel Rui.

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About Lineu Bravo

Lineu Bravo is an autodidact luthier and fond of good music. From an early age he developed intimacy with wood at his father workshop. He built his first instrument when he was 14. Since then, his guitars, ‘cavacos’, mandolins and ‘violas’ have been purchased by respected musicians. Guinga, Marcus Tardelli, Zélia Duncan, Marco Pereira, João Bosco, Yamandú Costa, Chico Buarque, Ulisses Rocha, Hamilton de Holanda, Ângela Muner, Rogério Caetano, Maurício Carrilho, Luciana Rabello, João Lyra, Maurício Marques, Edson Lopes, Alessandro Penezzi, Juarez Moreira, Fernando César, Jayme Vignoli, Flávio Apro, Giacomo Bartoloni, Swami Jr, Rosa Passos, Ana Carolina, Zé Paulo Becker, and Douglas Lora are some of them.