Guilherme Lamas, Lineu Bravo’s client, is releasing new album in partnership with Rafael Thomaz

Learn more about the album that will be released in March

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Guilherme Lamas, Lineu Bravo’s client, is releasing a new album in March named “Idas e Vindas”, an original work with instrumental songs in honor of the Brazilian composer Garoto, Aníbal Augusto Sardinha.

The album is a guitar duo, in partnership with the musician Rafael Thomaz, one of the first Lineu Bravo’s clients. Nowadays, the guitar is no longer with him.

Guilherme plays a 7-steel string guitar Rogério Caetano model and, soon, he will debut his new instrument that the luthier is producing for him: a 7-nylon string guitar.

New album

The album “Idas e Vindas”, a guitar duo, develops an original work of instrumental songs in honor of the Brazilian composer Garoto’s centenary (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha).

The songs were arranged in 2015, all of them inspired on Garoto’s musicography.

The album repertoire contains some Choro variations (traditional and modern), with a lot of external influence.

The project started being developed in 2014 with the two musicians interactions: Guilherme Lamas and Rafael Thomaz, soloists of the following instruments: a 7-steel string guitar and a 6-nylon string guitar.

The release of the album is scheduled for March 22th, 2018.

Guilherme Lamas - Copia

Guilherme Lamas is a musician and researcher at the University of Campinas. He is also a guitarist, arranger, composer, music producer and a teacher.

His work has been published at:  ViolaB, Discos do Brasil, Lineu Bravo, rádio USP, rádio Câmara, rádio Lora (Suíça), Spotify, Deezer, ITunes, Site, Youtube, FanPage, and SoundCloud.

Guilherme Lamas and his Lineu Bravo guitar

Guilherme Lamas plays a 7-steel string Lineu Bravo guitar, Rogério Caetano model that he purchased in 2016. Soon, he will debut his new instrument made by the luthier Lineu Bravo: a 7-nylon string guitar.

The musician got to know Lineu Bravo guitars in 2005, when he studied at Tatuí Conservatorium.

“The 7-steel string Lineu Bravo guitar is a masterpiece, I am very happy to have it in my everyday life. When I picked up my guitar at his workshop and played it for the first time, I was already very impressed by the instrument: timbre, volume, stability, playability, tuning”, said Guilherme about his guitar. You can check the complete testimonial that he left, here!

About Rafael Thomaz career

Rafael Thomaz has a Master’s degree at University of Campinas. He is a guitarist (popular and concert music).

He also is a teacher, sound technician and music producer.